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Keyword Position Checker

Keyword Position Checker is a tool used to stumble on the position of a website or URL inside the Search engine (specially, Google) for a given keyword as in step with competing with other websites for the equal key-word.

As an example, if you run a website approximately smartphones, you can want to recognize what position that internet site presently holds on Google for the keyword “SEO tools, keyword position checker, pets”

Our Keyword Positions Checker indicates you this facts for absolutely free. The tool isn't just short and simple to use, it is also extremely dependable and effective for your online presence.


What's the Benefit of Keyword Position Checker Tool?


  1. Visibility: The anticipated percent of all clicks from tracked keywords to your internet site.
  2. Common position: The common ranking role throughout all tracked key phrases.
  3. Site visitors: The expected overall natural site visitors from all of your tracked keywords mixed.
  4. SERP capabilities: The variety of owned and tracked SERP functions to your key phrases.
  5. Positions: will increase and decreases in scores across all tracked keywords.
  6. We update those metrics at regular durations, so the statistics is constantly fresh.
  7. You may additionally music keyword scores at the metropolis or state degree.
  8. Take a look at in case your ratings have progressed or worsened through the years.
  9. See how your competition' scores are progressing.
  10. Become aware of keyword cannibalization issues (i.E., while multiple pages rank for the identical key-word)
  11. You could also compare your site's ratings for any key-word in opposition to the sites of as much as 5 competitors.