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Website Links Count Checker Tool

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Website Links Count Checker Tool

Utilize this "Website Links Count Checker Tool" for quick and simple checking of links on your web pages

This free internet based tool is what you really need to count the number of active links are there on a given page. Website proprietors and webmasters should consistently check their outer links on their web pages to guarantee the nature of a website.

All the more critically, this tool can assist you with setting aside cash and the difficulty of paying for publicizing or link working from a not exactly valid specialist co-op. The utilization of "Link Ranches" (pages or websites that exist just for recreating backlinks) is anything but a decent choice for site improvement since they have a specific calculation that can recognize such link building exercises. It can really hurt your website than assist you with upgrading it.

Along these lines, it is suggested that you utilize this Website links count checker tool as a beginning stage to eliminate pages that might actually harm the standing of your website assuming you will exchange links. Then, at that point, you can make further investigation by physically exploring the importance of that particular web page.


What is Website Links Count Checker Tool by SEO Tools Earth?

One of the most important aspects of a website that most website owners worry about is the number link they have on their web pages, both internal and external links. Because the more and quality links a website has, the higher it will be ranked by search engines like Google.

Our Website Link Count Checker Tool can help you track the internal, external links and backlinks of your web pages. It will also indicate if they are Dofollow or Nofollow links. In other words, this is an incoming and outgoing links extractor as well as a counter tool that is highly beneficial for search engine optimization.

We at SEOToolsEarth want to provide website owners and webmasters the best tool that can count both the internal and external links as this can give them a good idea about the link value of their website.

This Website Link Count Checker Tool is extremely helpful in getting all the necessary information that you can use in improving the quality of a web page. Usually, the website owner wants to check how many internal and external links are there on a given web page.


How to use our Website Links Count Checker Tool?

This Website Links Count Checker Tool is extremely simple to utilize. You just need to enter the URL in the text field and afterward click on the "SUBMIT" button. Our framework utilizes a special calculation that will cycle your solicitation and will produce the outcome in a moment. The outcomes will show you the accompanying data:

  1. Total links
  2. Internal links
  3. External links


Total links - is the total number of internal and external links that a website has. There are website links count checker tools that will likewise indicate the quantity of copy links and void anchors.

Internal links - are link pages that can be found on a website. They are generally linked through the website menu or by interlinks.

External links - are the links to different websites or otherwise called accomplice websites. The higher the quantity of external links that a website has the better for site improvement. However, all links ought to be with important and dependable websites and not spam destinations.

There are some Website Links Count Checker Tool that can likewise distinguish the anchor text which is linking your website to another webpage.