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Whether you're a longtime writer or simply another internet rambler, we are now all residing inside the technology of phrase counts. From social media character limits, to lengthy file necessities in corporate settings, if you’ve been writing words, then you’ve been running with text counts, whether or not you are aware about it or not.

  • Twitter used to restrict us to 140 characters, however later driven it to 280.
  • Fb wouldn’t will let you publish anything this is longer than sixty three,206 characters or maybe let you remark using the use of extra than 8,000 characters.
  • How approximately Instagram’s 30 hashtags restrict? The confined 2,2 hundred characters they allow to your Instagram captions will also get truncated after just 125.
  • We even listen that in your weblog submit to break into a primary web page ranking on Google, it could should live north of 1800 phrases.

See? The technology of a human limits is honestly upon us!

You need to continually live on factor, ensuring your content remains within the limits of these applicable platforms. so that you don’t unwittingly come to be having to reduce or increase your be counted words backward and forward just to meet some necessities. For that to appear, you need a word counter tool.

Why to you use an Word Counter Tool?

Firstly, if you’re wondering why you have to be the usage of a web phrase Counter device, then strive man or woman counter of your content manually. Earlier than you get to line  you'll comprehend that the exercise is quite difficult, if no longer nearly frustrating.

And besides, who desires to waste precious time counting a prolonged record, while you could without difficulty get assist from a device like ours.

Meet our Word Counter and Checker online tool, count wide variety of words with SeoToolsEarth Engine. It's miles a smart depend phrase calculator which delivers outcomes in an eye blink.